To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

That is the question. At least that’s the question for me right now. And not so much whether to get the tattoo or not, but rather where to get the tattoo.

The story begins a few months ago when my then fiance, now husband, wanted us to get tattoos for our wedding gifts. He ended up getting a tree on his arm

He got this to symbolize growth and family,

He got this to symbolize growth and family.


but I was told my idea was not going to work for what I wanted and where I wanted. I wanted to get the phrase “Quoi qui’l arrive” in a cursive font on the inside of my wrist (it has special meaning to me and I love all things French). I was encouraged to not get cursive writing that small and was shown a blown up version four times the size of the sample design I brought in.

At the time, I could only imagine getting this on my wrist very small so I put the tattoo out of my mind and moved on to wedding planning.

When a friend found out what happened at the shop she was confused because she has many tattoos and thought it was possible to get what I wanted. She recommended I talk to her artist at Inkwell in LaGrange. That’s as far as it went because as I said above I put it out of my mind to concentrate on more pressing items.

Fast forward 8 months and I get a picture from a different friend of her new tattoo with really small cursive writing from THE SAME GIRL that the first friend recommended. I took this as a sign and was also very envious because the picture (and the real thing when I saw it last week) made me jealous that I didn’t have my tattoo in cursive writing.

So I made the appointment and went to speak to Brandi at Inkwell. And, I made an appointment for my birthday in July to get the small cursive writing on my wrist in a nice henna colored brown in Samantha font. (or something similar) She acted like this was no problem at all as long as the artist takes into consideration the size of the tattoo and adjusts accordingly for some expanding over time.

I’ve since gotten some information that has me conflicted about whether or not I still want this tattoo on my wrist so I need your help. One of my students (an adult student in college, not a child) had a tattoo in Arabic on his wrist and I asked him how long he had the tattoo because it had some very small lines including a very small “J” that still looked like a “J” after more than three years. That was a good sign because the reason I was told small writing would not work is because very soon after it would expand and eventually end up looking like a blob.

Then I told one of my best friends about my tattoo appointment, which I thought she would be excited about because I went with her to get her first and only tattoo a couple years ago. Well, she informed me she regretted her tattoo and just did it for the experience but now wishes she hadn’t done it. That got me having second thoughts about the prominence of the tattoo on my wrist even though it can be covered if necessary.

So here are questions to you. If you have a tattoo, and have had it awhile, do you regret it? Do you still like the place you chose? Where is your tattoo? (I’m trying to decide if another location will be better for me) And what is the design of your tattoo? And finally, any advice based on my situation?

I appreciate any feedback as I make my decision, and of course, will keep you posted on what I get when I get it.

Au Revoir,



5 thoughts on “To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

  1. I have three. one on the front of my shoulder (kanji design), one on the side of my shoulder (kanji design), and one on my back (tribal). I don’t regret any of them. I would write out what you want in pen on your wrist and let it stay for a few days to see if you really like it. If you don’t like it there, but still like the phrase try your side or the top of your shoulder blade. With those two you can always add your favorite flower our something to add to it also.

    • That’s a good suggestion about writing it on my wrist, Jim. I did that with a brown fine point sharpie on Sunday and after awhile I didn’t really notice it. The problem is I thought it kind of hardened my look and as you know I’m not the least bit edgy, lol. I was worried about that for some reason. I’ve thought about the shoulder blade as a backup. Thanks for helping!!

      • My sister Tracy has one on her wrist and the majority of the time I don’t even remember or notice it’s there when I see her.

  2. I’m excited for you to get a tattoo!!
    I have two.
    I have a small Japanese symbol on my butt cheek. It means “eternity”, but honestly I got it because it kinda looked like a K, and I picked my butt because I was told the more fat you had the less it would hurt, plus that was my first tattoo and I still lived at home, so I needed to hide it. I don’t regret it, but I often forget that it’s there since Steven is the only one that sees it.
    The other tattoo I got is of the skyline of LA. It’s on my shoulder, directly on my deltoid. I don’t regret it, although it is not finished, so that bothers me on occasion. This piece HURT! I didn’t feel the first one, but this one HURT! Not enough to deter me from getting more.
    I like Jim’s idea of writing it on you on different places to see where you like it best.

    • I remember your LA skyline tattoo now that you mention it! I think I will try to write in a couple different places I am thinking to try those out too. Thanks for sharing Kristen!

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